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What's your inner Winx?

Winx Reflection: What's your inner winx?
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Welcome to Winx Reflection, an lj community for rating what character from Winx Club you most resemble! This community is solely for which character you most resemble physically, rather than personality-wise. There are 40 stamp options, so there's sure to be at least one that looks like you!


1. No flaming of any sort! We are a friendly community and any flaming or mean comments will cause you to get banned from this community.

2. Please put all pictures underneath an lj-cut.

3. When applying, put "What's my inner winx?" in the subject line.

4. Have at least four pictures, so we can judge you fairly. In order to avoid swaying votes, please abstain from posting pictures of yourself in Winx cosplay when applying. Also, make sure to place your pictures under a cut. You can do this by writing (lj-cut) (remove the asterisk and put in < and > in place of the parentheses) before your pictures. If you want text on your cut, you can write (lj-cut text="INSERT TEXT HERE"*) (same rules apply here).

5. If you are unhappy with your stamp, you may reapply twice. Just twice. Remember, this community judges you on how you look, not on what your personality is!

6. After you are stamped, please come back and vote on new applications.

7. You will have up to a week to accumulate votes, and then you will be stamped with the majority vote. In the case of a tie, I will give you both stamps.

Voting Rules

1. Please only vote with the stamp choices given.

2. BOLD your votes. It makes it easier on the mod! In order to bold, just do this <*b>PUT TEXT HERE (remove the asterisks)

3. Remember that simply colors do not a physical resemblance make. (i.e., don't vote every redhead as Bloom or every girl that looks vaguely Asian as Musa)


Priya (rhapsodyinpink)

Stamp List

Stamps may be viewed here

Ahisa- Fairy, Alfea Student
Alice- Fairy, Alfea Student
Amaryl- Fairy, Alfea Student, Enemy of Stella
Anne- Layla's Friend
Bloom- Member of Winx Club/Princess of Sparx/Domino, Fairy of Dragonfire
Chimera- Fairy, Beta Student, Step-sister of Stella
Dafne- Bloom's Sister
Darcy- Witch, Member of Trix- Controls Darkness
Diaspro- Sky's former fiancé, Fairy of Gems
Elle- Earth Girl, friend of Mitzi
Flora- Member of Winx Club/Princess of Linfea, Fairy of Nature
Francine- Fairy, Alfea Student
Icy- Witch, Member of Trix- Controls Ice
Kadija- Fairy, Alfea Student
Kaie- Fairy, Alfea Student
Karina- Fairy, Alfea Student
Katy- Fairy, Alfea Student
Kimmy- Fairy, Alfea Student
Kylie- Fairy, Alfea Student
Lavigne- Fairy, Alfea Student
Layla- Member of Winx Club/Princess of Andros, Fairy of Fluids
Lin Poo- Fairy, Alfea Student
Lolina- Fairy, Alfea Student
Lucy- Witch, Cloud Tower Student, Friend of Mirta
Magix Lucy- The enchanted version of Lucy
Miky- Fairy, Alfea Student
Mirta- Witch, Cloud Tower/Alfea Student
Mitzi- Earth Girl, Aquaintance of Bloom
Musa's Mother- Fairy, Singer, Mother
to Musa
Musa- Member of Winx Club, Fairy of Music
Nova- Fairy, Stella's friend from Solaria
Ortensia- Fairy, Alfea Student
Priscilla- Fairy, Alfea Student
Selene- Fairy, Alfea Student
Silicya- Fairy, Alfea Student
Stella- Member of Winx Club, Princess of Solaria, Fairy of Sun and Moon
Stormy- Witch, Member of Trix, Controls weather (mainly storms)
Tecna- Member of Winx Club, Princess of Zenith, Fairy of Technology
Tressa- Mermaid Princess, lives in Sea of Andros
Vanessa- Earth girl, Adoptive mother of Bloom, Florist
Wrong Righter- Fairy?, Activist

November/December: Pixies

Amore- Pixie of Love
Athena- Pixie Guardian of Red Fountain
Chatta- Pixie of Chatter
Concorda - Pixie Guardian of Alfea/Librarian
Digit- Pixie of Technology
Discorda- Pixie Guardian of Cloud Tower
Livy- Pixie of Messages
Lockette- Pixie of Portals
Ninfea- Pixie Queen
Piff- Pixie of Sweet Dreams
Tune- Pixie of Manners
Zing- Pixie of Cosplay


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