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Winx Reflection!

What's your inner Winx?

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Pixie Theme //Just stamped as Silicya ;3
KH {nami-nami NAMINE}
odoru wrote in winxreflection

Me playing with make-up

This is a really really bad picture.

A myspace picture. lmao.

I actually like this picture of me. I'm all dolled up to go to my Uncle's birthday. So many people told me I looked like Lana from Smallville.



My most recent picture. (:

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I really think Amore when I see you. You're so cute and sweet! ( x), I say this everytime I see your pictures, but YOU ARE!)


Haha~ I noticed!~ ♥ thank you very much!

I'm getting Amore too.^_^

I agree with Amore...so beautiful. (And I believe you are much more lovely than Lana Lang.)

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