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Winx Reflection!

What's your inner Winx?

ZOMG, an update?!
Yue: Laugh
Hey everyone! This community has obviously been very inactive for well over a year at this point, but I really want to bring it back to life, so here I am! Hopefully you guys are still around as well and are willing to jump back into the fray, maybe get restamped, and all those goodies? I might even pull the Pixie theme back out. Or a witch theme! We'll see- it all depends on how active all of you turn out to be.

So, what's my inner winx?
(Basic/Default) Aerith
Hi everyone,

Please call me Seta (though legally, my name is Katie).

Here's a few pictures of me - hope you're not blinded. :P lol

Just who do you think I am?Collapse )

I actually had four pictures of myself available! :P

Here's hoping for the best! ::waves:: Take care everyone! :)

~ Seta

Whats My Inner Winx?
[Skins] Addiction

who am i?

What's my inner winx?
Edna Mode
Hello! I'm Bridget. My cousin is the one who got me into Winx. Anyway, I thought this would be fun.
my pictures!Collapse )

What's my inner winx?
PicturesCollapse )

Mod Post.
Yue: Laugh
Thank you so much for entering the Pixie Theme, everyone! <3 I'm glad that it's been such a success so far. Don't forget to vote on everyone! ^-^

People shall be getting stamped soon. :)


P.S.: Should I add Galatea and Layla's Mom to stamping options?

Pixie Theme://Stamped Kadija
Yue: Laugh
Just a little bit of pixie dust!Collapse )

Pixie Theme //Just stamped as Silicya ;3
KH {nami-nami NAMINE}
Nothing new~Collapse )

Yay, pixies! ( Stamped as Ahisa, getting re-stamped and Lucy seems to be winning )
Thanks for the votes.Collapse )